TSU to Participate in Amazon’s Career Choice School Fair, Strengthening Partnership

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – Tennessee State University is thrilled to announce its participation in Amazon’s Career Choice School Fair, as part of the ongoing partnership between the university and Amazon. The fair is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 27 at Nashville International Airport. It will provide TSU representatives with the opportunity to showcase the institution and its offerings, as well as give Amazon employees the opportunity to make course selections or career choices.

President Glenda Glover

Earlier this year, TSU joined forces with Amazon to offer college courses to the company’s hourly employees as part of the Career Choice program tuition assistance program. The program is an integral part of Amazon’s commitment to invest $1.2 billion in upskilling over 300,000 employees by 2025. TSU’s participation in the Career Choice School Fair solidifies its dedication to providing accessible educational opportunities and nurturing the career growth of Amazon employees.

TSU now joins the growing list of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) participating in the program, becoming the only HBCU in Tennessee to be included in the Career Choice network. This partnership will enable TSU to train and educate hundreds of Amazon employees, enhancing their job skills and opening doors for career advancement.

“We are delighted to see our existing relationship with Amazon expand into this exciting new partnership,” said TSU President Glenda Glover. “By providing training and education through the Career Choice initiative, TSU aims to equip Amazon employees with the necessary skills to thrive in their careers. With our dedicated faculty and staff, we are committed to the success and graduation of these employees.”

The Career Choice School Fair is scheduled for Sept. 27 at Nashville International Airport and will provide TSU representatives with the opportunity to showcase the institution and its offerings. Located in downtown Nashville, TSU is conveniently positioned to deliver its world-class programs to Amazon employees. With nearly 30,000 employees in Tennessee and the addition of fulfillment centers and a downtown office bringing over 5,000 tech and corporate jobs to Nashville, TSU’s involvement in the Career Choice program will have a significant impact on the local community.

Jason T. Evans, TSU’s Chief Operating Officer, highlighted the fair as a major opportunity to demonstrate the university’s renowned programs and offerings. “This is a chance for Amazon employees to witness the excellence in our business information, computer science, supply chain, health sciences, and finance programs,” said Evans. “We eagerly anticipate this collaboration and the opportunities it will bring.”

Dr. Verontae L. Deams, from TSU’s Enrollment Management, expressed the university’s readiness to fully represent itself at the Career Choice School Fair. “We are fully prepared to make the most of this opportunity,” stated Deams. “Partnering with Amazon aligns with TSU’s commitment to contribute to workforce development and provide opportunities for professional growth and development.”

Since its launch in 2012, Amazon Career Choice has partnered with hundreds of schools across 14 countries to support employees’ career success. To date, over 130,000 Amazon employees have participated in the program. TSU’s Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement, LoLita Toney, who serves as the liaison for the partnership with Amazon, emphasized that the Career Choice benefit addresses the financial barrier faced by many students pursuing a college degree.

“We are honored to be selected as an Amazon partner,” said Toney. “Together, TSU and Amazon are creating lasting positive impacts on individuals and their families by providing educational opportunities. We are excited about this collaboration and eagerly await the arrival of Amazon associates to join the Big Blue family.”

Amazon employees interested in Career Choice are encouraged to visit the dedicated portal and complete a TSU application.

Visit the Amazon Career Choice at TSU: https://www.tnstate.edu/amazon/index.aspx

For the TSU application, visit https://www.tnstate.edu/admissions/apply.