TSU opens new Customer Relations Office to enhance student experience

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – The TSU Customer Relations Office is up and running, and recently held a campus-wide training session. The newly established office’s primary goal is to provide exceptional service and support to students, faculty, staff, and other key stakeholders. Customer Relations is led by Assistant Vice President Jessica Powell, who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role. 

Jessica Powell, Assistant Vice President of Customer Relations

“I am excited about leading this department,” said Powell, who has a long line of family members who attended TSU. 

“In addition to having the professional background that is going to be needed to make meaningful changes, this job is also deeply personal for me. Every day, I’m coming in to make improvements on a university that means so much to the family members I love and working to make changes to better the university so that it can continue to have a positive impact on students for years to come.” 

Working with Powell in the Customer Relations Office are Dr. Seneca McPhee, assistant director, and Ciera Walker, customer relations coordinator.

Dr. Seneca McPhee, Assistant Director of Customer Relations

Shaun Wimberly, Student Trustee, spoke highly of the initiative and highlighted its potential impact on the student body.

“As a student, I believe that the establishment of the Customer Relations Office will greatly contribute to student success and satisfaction,” he said. “It demonstrates TSU’s commitment to understanding and addressing the needs of its students.” 

Frank Stevenson, Vice President for Student Affairs, described the opening of the Customer Relations Offices as a “gamechanger.” 

“The Customer Relations Office aligns perfectly with our mission to provide comprehensive support services that foster student success and personal growth. By centralizing and streamlining communication efforts, we are better equipped to address the diverse needs of our students and ensure their overall well-being throughout their academic journey at TSU.”

Ciera Walker, Coordinator of Customer Relations

The university’s new Chief Operating Officer, retired Army Lt. Gen. Jason Evans, who provides oversight for customer relations, expressed his enthusiasm for the establishment of the office.

“Regardless of whether we are public servants or in the military, or as servants of the state, we are serving someone. That someone is our customers, our customers are the students primarily, and we also have other key stakeholders,” Evans said. 

The Customer Relations Office is in the Floyd-Payne Campus Center on the main TSU campus.