TSU equipped with new mindset, focused on exceptional customer service

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – As Tennessee State University prepares for the new academic year, staff members are embracing a new mindset after participating in an all-day campus-wide customer relations training Wednesday. Led by industry experts and experienced professionals in customer service, the training aimed to better equip staff to serve their clients, specifically students.

President Glenda Glover reminds faculty and staff that customer service is about creating an excellent experience and inclusiveness that honors the TSU brand. (Photo by TSU Media Relations)

Isabelle Langham, Sterlin Sanders, and Greg Robinson, who hold key positions at TSU, expressed their appreciation for the timely training and its ability to help them better serve both internal and external customers.

Langham, the Executive Director of Student Success, commented, “This training is important, especially before the start of a new academic year because it helps us define and identify the needs of our customers.”

Sanders, Assistant Chief Information Officer, added, “This training has been transformative. It offered highly beneficial information and practices that will enhance the overall customer service experience at TSU. This training will support the university brand that ‘Excellence is Our Habit’.”

The training provided valuable insights into effective communication strategies and handling inquiries. (Photo by TSU Media Relations)

Robinson, the Chief of TSU Police and Assistant Vice President, shared his excitement about the insights provided during the training, stating, “I was very pleased and excited about their reiteration of some of the same things we have talked about at this university from the standpoint of public safety.”

The training, which follows the establishment recently of the Customer Relations Office under the oversight of Chief Operating Officer, retired Army Lt. Gen. Jason Evans, engaged participants in interactive discussions and hands-on activities. It provided valuable insights into effective communication strategies, timely handling of inquiries, personalized support, empowering TSU employees to consistently deliver exceptional customer service.

More than 100 employees from various departments across campus attended the training in the Health Sciences Building. (Photo by TSU Media Relations)

At an opening ceremony on the main campus, TSU President Glenda Glover expressed her satisfaction with the participation and commended COO Evans for engaging the services of the industry-leading Moran Consulting firm for the training. President Glover emphasized the significance of customer service in the higher education setting, noting that students are not just customers but also the products of the institution.

“We are happy that these experts are here to work with us and carry us through this process as we become better communicators and better customer relations individuals. Customer service and customer relations are more than just answering the phone, listening to complaints, and solving problems. It is about creating an excellent experience and inclusiveness that honors the TSU brand.”

Jessica Powell is the new Assistant Vice President for Customer Relations.

COO Evans added, “My hope is that this will be the beginning of an ongoing initiative to have the highest level of customer service for our students, faculty, and staff.”

Jessica Powell, Assistant Vice President of Customer Relations, expressed her hopes that the training offered concrete steps for employees to interact with customers at the highest level, both internally and externally. Over 100 employees from various departments across the campus attended the training, demonstrating a commitment to providing exceptional customer service to the TSU community.