TSU honors military service men and women with Veterans Day program

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) –  Tennessee State University honored the retired men and women of our nation’s armed forces during its annual Veterans Day celebration. The program featured TSU cadets, students, and guest speaker Chief Operating Officer and retired Lt. General Jason Evans.  The event was held in Poag Auditorium. Evans encouraged people to never forget and always honor those who fought for us.

AFROTC Det. 790 performing the ceremonial act of presenting and displaying the national flag, also known as, “posting the colors.

“As we recognize those that have served our nation with honor and distinction, veterans have earned our undying gratitude,” said Lt. General Evans. “As a nation we must ensure that we never forget the services and sacrifices of our veterans.”

Cadet Madison Taylor shared how proud he was to be a part of the program and to see TSU celebrating veterans.

“I think the University observing this day was amazing,” Taylor said.

“It goes to show that veterans do have support and appreciation out there for their services and commitment. We united as a community and honored those who have defended our freedoms.”

Tribute Speaker, Retired Lt. General Jason Evans

Taylor’s fellow cadet, Deja Story, agreed with him on the significant of the observance. Story, a mathematical science major, expressed her gratitude toward veterans and also what it meant to her for TSU to observe Veterans Day annually and in this manner.

“This makes me feel proud that I go to this university and that the day is being observed because sometimes veterans are overlooked in everyday life. This was our chance to give thanks to those who have selflessly aided to the defense and well-being of our nation.”

Tennessee State University is a “Certified Vets Campus.” This designation means that the University provides support services especially for veterans in an effort to ease their transition from military service to college life.