TSU holds Honors ‘Crossing Over and Induction Ceremony’ for top academic students

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – Tennessee State University recently hosted its highly anticipated ‘Honors Crossing Over and Induction Ceremony’ to induct 190 exceptional students into the prestigious TSU Honors College. The event Sunday served as a platform to recognize the outstanding academic achievements and dedication of these newly inducted students.

Dr. Coreen Jackson, Dean of the Honors College, front in blue, welcomes the new members of the college during a ceremony on the steps of the Performing Arts Center on the main campus. (Submitted Photo)

Representing TSU President Glenda Glover as the guest speaker was Chief Operating Officer Jason T. Evans, a retired Army Lieutenant General. Drawing from his own inspiring journey in the military, Evans motivated the students to continue pursuing excellence.

“Your acceptance into the Honors College is a testament to your focus, intellectual endeavor, personal growth and commitment to professional excellence, truly an impressive achievement. Each and every one of you should be proud of your outstanding accomplishments,” Evans said.

Evans also highlighted the rich history of TSU in producing trailblazers who have gone on to make significant contributions in their respective fields, urging the newly inducted students to uphold the standard of excellence set by those who came before them.

Naomi A. Dargon

One of the newly inducted students, Naomi A. Dargon, a nursing major from Atlanta, spoke about her inspiration from the ceremony.

“Being inducted motivates me more to put a lot into my work and enhance my educational journey here at Tennessee State University,” Dargon said. “His (Evans) whole speech made me more determined to finish out my educational journey.”

Brandon L. Robinson, another inductee, said becoming a member of the Honors College is a privilege “I do not” take lightly.

“I am surrounded by peers who are likeminded and have the same interest I do, which is success,” added Robinson, a business administration major from Loganville, Georgia. “Retired Gen. Evans’ address was very informational, inspiring, and very well structured to keep my attention and give me the insight into his life and allowed me to really self-evaluate.” 

Brandon L. Robinson

Evans, who recently joined TSU as COO, provided further guidance to the students, emphasizing the importance of being actively involved in campus life.

“Excellence is not confined to the classroom alone. I encourage you to become actively involved in the vibrant campus life at TSU. Participate in student organizations, engage in community service, and make connections with faculty, staff, and your peers. These experiences will enrich your time here and help you develop the well-rounded skill set necessary for success in the future,” he said.

Dr. Coreen Jackson, Dean of the Honors College, expressed her gratitude to Evans for his impactful speech, saying, “These students and I are grateful for taking this time to talk to us. As honors students, they know what’s expected of them, and you have motivated them even further to pursue excellence,” said Jackson.

For more information on the TSU Honors College, please visit https://www.tnstate.edu/honors/.