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Students inspired, seek opportunity during 2023 TSU Day at the Capitol

 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – Tennessee State University turned the State Capitol blue for the 2023 TSU Day at the Capitol. Students, staff, administrators, alumni and faculty got a chance to speak with lawmakers and showcase many of TSU’s excellent academic programs. 

The University’s day at the capitol included nearly 100 TSU students, like TSU freshman Kindall Miller, who volunteered by delivering gift bags to lawmakers. What Miller didn’t expect was to visit the capitol for the first time ever and leave with a huge opportunity. 

TSU freshman Kindall Miller and Senator Brent Taylor

“I met Senator Brent Taylor and he was very kind …  saying he would be excited to work with me in the Fall,” Miller said. Taylor’s assistant followed up and gave the Alabama native an internship application for an opportunity to work in their office at the capitol next semester. Miller, who is studying social work manifested this internship opportunity as she hopes to one day become a legislation policy analyst, she said. Miller also noted that she enjoyed TSU President Glenda Glover speech during the kick-off event.

 “This has become one of the university’s most successful outreach programs as we take the opportunity to share with lawmakers the great things that are taking place at TSU,” President Glover said. From groundbreaking research projects to major campus infrastructure, Glover talked about how pristine the university programs are and thanked lawmakers who have been present and continue to provide for TSU every day.

“We take a little and produce the greatest people in the world.”

TSU President Glenda Glover said the Dat at the Capitol is an opportunity to share with lawmakers the great things that are taking place at the university.

During the event students also listened to inspiring words from freshman Senator Charlane Oliver, State Representatives Harold Love Jr. and Antonio Parkinson, TSU alumna Sandra Hunt and student trustee on the TSU Board of Trustees Shaun Wimberly Jr.

Senator Oliver said she is proud of TSU students and their academic journey so far.

“I want to congratulate each and every one of you for making it to where you are in life as a Black student,” Oliver said. “If you look around, it’s not too many of us up here. We need to see you more. Walk with that true blue pride today in the halls of power.”

Students, staff, administrators, alumni and faculty gathered for the 2023 Day at the Capitol.

While Senator Oliver gave the students encouraging words, TSU alumnus Harold Love Jr. told everyone that his alma mater is a leading university to train and transform society. “One of the goals of the day on the hill is to let legislators know what is going on at your university,” 

Love told the students. “Let them know about the great work, your classes, professors, and what needs there may be to help make your institution better to go from a R2 to R1 level.”

A key part of TSU’s day on the hill was the opportunity to showcase the university’s diverse research and academic offerings, TSU junior Davin Latiker, said his Day at the Capitol was a great experience and that he admired seeing African American lawmakers and alumni represent.  

TSU students got a chance to showcase many of the university excellent academic programs. 

“Seeing senators and representatives work behind the scenes and witness how much they care about the students meant a lot to me,” said Latiker, a junior mass communication major from Chicago.”

“My favorite part was seeing my fellow peers excitement and being in the presence of people who make a difference. This can be my reality.”

This year marks the 8th celebration of the Day at the Capitol. The community hasn’t attended a TSU Day at the Capitol since early 2020, due to the pandemic. 

TSU, faith-based community worship, reflect and connect during presidential prayer service  

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – Tennessee State University and metro Nashville’s faith-based community came together to celebrate the university through prayer for the new year. Started in 2013 when President Glover took the helm of Nashville’s only public institution, the presidential prayer service was her concept to connect TSU with area churches.

Dr. Glenda Glover’s message for the 9th presidential prayer service is to stay faithful while being ‘up against the wall.’ (Photo by Aaron Grayson)

Prominent clergy members and believers from all denominations gather at historic Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist Church each January for the event.  President Glover is the keynote speaker.   

“This is our 9th prayer service, and we start it with prayer and thanks,” President Glover said. “I am thankful that God has blessed me to lead such a marvelous university. And I thank him for trusting me with such an awesome responsibility.” 

The community hasn’t attended a presidential prayer service since early 2020, due to the pandemic. Glover’s message was one of being faithful when you’re ‘up against the wall’ and the power of prevailing prayer.  

Faith-based community goers during the 9th Presidential Prayer Service at Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist Church. (Photo by Aaron Grayson)

“You can stop and give up because it’s too difficult, or you can pray and push forward,” Glover continued during her testimony. 

The TSU family is also a part of the service. This year it included newcomers to the event, TSU freshman class president Sir Ford and Shaun Wimberly Jr., who is the student trustee on the TSU Board of Trustees. 

Ford, a business administration major, says seeing faith-based leaders of various denominations from across Nashville and beyond come together was a great experience. 

Sir Ford

“As a freshman, it just shows how the community can come together,” Ford of Nashville says. “The president had a very powerful message, and I am hopeful to see that message translate this semester. I look forward to TSU showing the state of Tennessee what our HBCU represents.” 

Wimberly noted that the experience was heartwarming to see the community come together in support of TSU’s prosperity, “from the church to the Jefferson Street community, to the Islamic faith, the Hebrew faith and of course our TSU faculty, staff, and students,” he says.

“I think it only highlights the extent in which the university has impacted people.”

Shaun Wimberly Jr.

Rev. Aaron X. Marble, pastor of Jefferson Street presided over the program as the service continued with scriptures from Rev. Cora Alston, soulful singing from TSU’s Renee Craig, and greetings from every faith community by Minister Samuel X. 

Along with members of the clergy and supporters from nearby HBCUs, elected officials also attended in support of TSU. Mayor John Cooper, State Rep. Dr. Harold Love Jr., Metro Council member Sharon Hurt, Davidson County Trustee Erica Gilmore, and many more were present. 

TSU alum Rev. Dr. Love said it’s always a great start to the second semester of the school year to galvanize the community, “to ensure every student and faculty has a wonderful experience at Tennessee State,” he said.

State Rep. Dr. Harold Love Jr.

“The second semester we have students returning and you don’t know what their experience has been like while at home … and we want to give them support and let them know, we are here for them.”

Love says he is grateful for his TSU family and the surrounding community.

“TSU has helped mold me. You can also be shaped and molded by the university.”

The service culminated with moving prayers for the city, its youth and young people, along with TSU students, faculty, and staff. The prayer service concluded with a powerful moment when clergy members surrounded President Glover and asked God to continue to crown her wisdom as the spring semester begins on Jan. 17. 

TSU to enhance the student experience with new Customer Service Dept.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – Tennessee State University is looking to enhance the student experience by establishing a new customer service department. Under the new unit, student concerns and inquiries will be addressed in a timely manner from a central area. 

TSU President Glenda Glover explained that the Office of Customer Relations is in its early development stages, and  each division will need to develop customer relations goals that ensure seamless communication with the students.

Shaun Wimberly, Jr.

“We are going to assist the divisions periodically to ensure that the goals are being met,” Glover said, referring to customer relations goals for the students.

“And proactively identify long-term resolutions to potential concerns.” Rather if the possible concerns are regarding housing, classes or financial aid, the upcoming office is set to provide resolutions in a timely manner.

The university will establish a Student Customer Service Advisory Committee to kick start the process for establishing the customer relations office. 

Shaun Wimberly, Jr., the student trustee on the TSU Board of Trustees, said this office will help bridge any gaps between the students and administration.

TSU freshman Autumn Parker who sang during the Fall 2022 Freshman Convocation, said she looks forward to the university utilizing a customer relations office.

“Including the students and having an interphase is the first step to how we can bridge the gap between our community,” Wimberly said. “This is the first step to get a more unified TSU family.” Wimberly says that himself, along with other fellow student leaders, will build support behind the project to, “actually interphase students into the structure.”

Autumn Parker, a freshman studying political science, believes forming a customer relations office for the students will be beneficial for everyone.

“I think this is a really good idea,” Parker said. “If you have the option to talk to customer relations and get an answer to your solution, I think that would be helpful. The fact that the university is trying to find solutions and answers for the students says a lot. I am looking forward to it.”

Shaun Wimberly selected new student trustee on the TSU Board of Trustees

NASHVILLLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – Shaun Wimberly, Jr., has been appointed the new student trustee on the Tennessee State University Board of Trustees. Wimberly’s appointment was announced during the Board’s June meeting. He was selected by President Glenda Glover to serve a one-year term, as a non-voting member of the Board.

Shaun Wimberly, Jr.

“Congratulations Shaun on your appointment to the TSU Board of Trustees,” President Glover said. “The student trustee plays a critical role at this university. As a student here over the years, you have demonstrated outstanding leadership quality. I have no doubt that your contribution to the Board will make a positive difference for your fellow students.”

Dr. Deborah Cole, chair of the Board, welcomed the new student Trustee. “We are pleased to welcome you Mr. Wimberly to the Tennessee State University Board of Trustees,” she said. “The Board looks forward to your service and working with you on the board and on board committee matters.” 

President Glenda Glover and Shaun Wimberly, Jr., participate in a program featuring FedEx-HBCU Ambassadors outside the New York Stock Exchange in Lower Manhattan. (Submitted photo)

“I am excited for my new appointment to the Board of Trustees for the academic school year,” said Wimberly. “I am delighted to be working alongside such a distinguished team and I believe that there are great things to come. I look forward to learning and working diligently throughout my tenure, to serve my university and the student body well.” 

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Wimberly is a junior agribusiness major with a 3.7 grade point average. He is a Brand Ambassador of the Men’s Initiative. He has won many honors and awards, including the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists Award of Excellence. As a member of the FedEx-HBCU Student Ambassador program, Wimberly joined President Glover and FedEx executives on Feb. 1 to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. 

Kenneth Rolle, II, president of the Student Government Association, described Wimberly as the “epitome of a student leader.” 

Shaun Wimberly interacts with students at Dawhenya Methodist Basic, a middle school in Maase, Ghana, during a recent cultural and educational exchange program. (Submitted photo)

“His drive and ambition have spoken well for him since his freshman year. I have watched him grow on campus and I am excited to watch him serve as the first male student trustee,” said Rolle. “He and I will work closely together as we continue to advocate and improve the experience for students here at Tennessee State University. I look forward to seeing him at work.” Wimberly was selected from among three candidates submitted to President Glover by the SGA. 

Frank Stevenson, associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students, noted that Wimberly has been a model student on our campus and has exhibited high leadership qualities.

“He comes with a great amount of experience,” said Stevenson. “Seeing his commitment to student engagement and to making sure that student concerns are heard at the level of the trustees is important. He is a good fit.” 

Wimberly succeeds Tiara Thomas on the Board of Trustees. A top political science major, Thomas served two one-year terms on the board.  She graduated last May and is pursuing her master’s degree at TSU. 

For more information on the Tennessee State University Board of Trustees, visit  https://www.tnstate.edu/board/ 

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