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TSU Campus site of Chevrolet Commercial Featuring HBCU Students, Actor Terrence J

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – It was lights, camera, action as Tennessee State University was the site for an upcoming national Chevrolet commercial featuring TV Personality and actor Terrence J! General Motors representatives and a production team filmed commercial scenes on the TSU campus to highlight the 2023 Chevy Discover the Unexpected (DTU) Fellows, a partnership the manufacturer has with our nation’s HBCUs. 

The commercial featured 10 journalism and marketing students from various institutions, showcasing the remarkable talent from the HBCU community. Terrence J, who is also an HBCU grad, serves as a 2023 Chevy DTU ambassador and expressed his enthusiasm for shooting the commercial at one of his favorite HBCUs.

“As an HBCU alumnus, I’m excited to be on the Tennessee State campus with the HBCU students of the 2023 Chevy Discover the Unexpected,” Terrence J said. “HBCU energy and sense of pride is unmatched as I watch these students unite to learn marketing and journalism driving their career forward.”

Chevrolet says the DTU program will support the next generation of journalists and marketers while enhancing their partnership with HBCU student talent through storytelling and content creation.

Charles Chapman, General Motors Multicultural Marketing Manager, said this is the second year Chevy Discover the Unexpected descends upon the city where the Annual National Newspaper Association convention convenes.

“We are honored and thankful to film Chevrolet content at Tennessee State University, exposing the DTU students to the only public and largest HBCU in Tennessee while showcasing the amazing history and architecture,” Chapman said.

While the students in the commercial were not from TSU, the campus was selected as the shooting location due to its scenic backdrop and significance as one of the largest public HBCUs in the country. However, Chevrolet’s DTU program looks forward to involving TSU students in the internship next year. The DTU program, in partnership with the National Newspaper Publication Association (NNPA), hosts a 10-week internship program for HBCU students, and TSU students will have the opportunity to join this esteemed program.

The DTU internships will take place from June 5 to August 11, commencing in Detroit with a three-day boot camp. Upon completion of the program, Chevrolet and the NNPA will award each fellow $18,000 between scholarships and stipends, totaling over $750,000 to date. TSU students can learn more about Discover the Unexpected and its opportunities at https://www.nnpa.org/chevydtu/.