TSU’s Fall Faculty and Staff Institute commemorates a record-breaking academic year

NASHVILLLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – This year’s Faculty and Staff Institute (FSI) was particularly special as it marked the beginning of a new academic year filled with remarkable achievements and the promise of even greater accomplishments to come, along with a significant announcement later from President Dr. Glenda Glover.

President Glover took the stage in front of over 200 faculty and staff members, including those watching via the live stream, and reflected on the pride she felt for the university and its dedicated staff.

“We begin this semester with excitement and celebrate our commitment to our students,” Glover said.

“It is a wonderful privilege and an awesome responsibility to serve as the president of Tennessee State University.”

Over 200 faculty and staff members attended TSU’s annual FSI that commemorated a record-breaking academic year. (Photo courtesy of Tennessee State University)

During the annual event, the university heard remarks from Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Robbie Melton, the Chair of the Faculty Senate Dr. Artenzia Young-Seigler, Staff Senate Chair Reginald Cannon, Vice President Doug Allen, Student Activities Vice President Dean Frank Stevenson, and SGA President Derrell Taylor, on behalf of the student body.

President Glover went on to highlight some of the university’s most significant accomplishments this past year. Kean Hall was filled with pride as she shared that TSU had surpassed the monumental milestone of $100 million in endowments and announced that research funding had also reached an all-time high of over $100 million, setting a new TSU record. The 2022-2023 accomplishments didn’t end there. She also highlighted the plan for the university to continue charting a strategic path toward reaching R1 research status and establishing new degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The president’s address continued, highlighting the significant improvements in campus infrastructure and buildings, including ceiling and flooring upgrades, interior design, electrical and HVAC systems updates in several campus academic buildings, and the main student cafeteria. President Glover thanked everyone for recruiting exceptional students who represent the university with Tiger pride.

TSU President Glenda Glover

“You are the source of our excellence,” she told faculty and staff. “We will continue to succeed and advance our university.”

During FSI, she also emphasized the importance of a safe and conducive learning environment, expressing her gratitude for the successful completion of various campus enhancement projects.

Glover, the 8th and first female president of the university, closed out the meeting by announcing her retirement this spring, after serving her alma mater for 11 years. After leading the university for over a decade, Glover said her greatest achievement is putting TSU in the national spotlight.

“It was my goal to elevate TSU,” she said. “I’m prepared to pass on the torch; thank you for continuing that true TSU spirit.”