TSU SGA Pres. and VP attend White House roundtable on impact of Dobbs ruling by SCOTUS   

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) –  Student Government Association President Kenneth Rolle, II and Vice President Aliyah Holmes attended a roundtable discussion on reproductive rights and how the Dobbs decision could impact college students across the country. Vice President Kamala Harris extended the invitation to Rolle and Holmes, as well as to other student leaders to hear their thoughts first-hand regarding the issue.    

TSU Student Government Association President Kenneth Rolle, II and Vice President Aliyah Holmes said experiencing a roundtable discussion on reproductive rights at the White House was a monumental moment and looks forward to spreading awareness on campus. (Photo submitted)

Rolle said the opportunity was monumental for the university’s student body and brought forth additional information on how overturning Roe vs. Wade impacts students and young adults.  

“It was a great day in D.C,” Rolle said. “This is a great opportunity for Tennessee State University to showcase the student leadership that we produce here, but on a national stage. They (White House officials) want to hear the student’s perspective, and how we feel about the issue of women’s reproductive rights.”  

Rolle said the roundtable discussion with Vice President Harris provided students with information on how to advocate for change and properly educate the campus on this issue. The Orlando, Florida native said he looks forward to becoming more knowledgeable on how the Supreme Court’s ruling affect women’s rights following the visit. “I foresee us doing a push to raise awareness.”

SGA leaders take a selfie in front of portraits of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris during their visit at the White House.

Prior to their arrival, Holmes said her focus was spreading awareness on campus when she returned from Washington D.C. “HBCU students even being invited to the White House to participate in this discussion makes us feel like our voices do matter,” Holmes said. “It was a great experience. Being able to come back to our institution to share the knowledge that we gained is a great opportunity. Inviting TSU student leaders will have a huge, lasting impact on our institution and our student body.”

In August, TSU President Glenda Glover visited the White House, at the request of VP Harris, for a similar roundtable discussion and to obtain pertinent information that could aid TSU students in making well-informed decisions regarding their healthcare needs.