TSU goes solar with new power charging stations for mobile devices

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – Tennessee State University students can now enjoy the outdoors and charge their personal electronics at the same time thanks to three solar-powered charging stations that have been installed on campus. 

Two of the stations are located outside of the New Residences Hall while the third station is located at the Gentry Center Complex. The university said solar charging stations play an essential role in promoting sustainability and providing access to clean renewable energy.

One of the three solar-powered charging stations located at Gentry Center.

Saniya Granberry, a freshman who lives in the New Residence Hall, said she is excited about the solar-powered seating areas as this addition will continue to build a sense of community. “These stations can benefit the campus by allowing students to interact with one another while charging their phones instead of having to go to their room,” Granberry of Nashville said.

“It allows students to charge their devices while completing their assignments outside. Overall it is extremely convenient and encourages students to get some Vitamin D.”

Dr. Curtis Johnson, associate vice president and chief of staff, said these environmental friendly stations are beneficial and give students more flexibility. “As we talk about becoming more of a pedestrian campus, we understand that students have resource needs,” Johnson said. “So putting these charging stations and connectivity points throughout the campus gives the students more flexibility so they don’t have to congregate in one location.”

Saniya Granberry charges her phone at a solar-powered station outside of her TSU dorm. (Photo by Aaron Grayson)

Johnson said the university is working toward installing more solar-powered charging stations across campus. The seating areas were donated to the university by Coca-Cola and Aramark.