TSU gears up for exciting academic year as students return to campus 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – New faces and enhanced spaces will kick off the new academic year at Tennessee State University. Freshman move-in, a highly anticipated event, will take place over three days from August 14-16. Returning students will arrive later that week. As students unpack and prepare to focus on their academics for the next nine months, a registration assistance one-stop will be available to help them with essential resources.

Floyd-Payne Campus Center floors have been remolded and new seating will be installed for the upcoming fall semester.

TSU President Glenda Glover says helping students transaction from summer at home to college life is important. She will be there to welcome the new and returning Tigers.  

“We are excited to welcome all of our students to the new academic year. TSU is a place of knowledge, growth, and opportunity whether you are a first-time freshman, transfer student or returning student. Our goal is to continue providing our students an environment that promotes academic excellence, personal development, and community engagement,” says President Glover. 

Chief Operating Officer, Jason T. Evans, who oversees enrollment management and student success, also shares his excitement for the return of students for the fall semester.

“At TSU, we are dedicated to providing first-class support that enables our students to excel,” says Evans, the retired Army Lieutenant General, who joined the university recently. “We believe in nurturing students’ talents and equipping them with the skills needed to succeed in their chosen fields. Together, we will build a strong foundation for their future success.” 

The Harold Love Student Success is undergoing new ceiling renovations in preparation for the upcoming fall 2023 semester.

Prior to embarking on their academic journey, prospective students and their parents participated in orientation programs offered on campus from May through June, with a final session on August 15. These programs provided an opportunity for families to familiarize themselves with TSU’s academic offerings, campus resources, and vibrant campus life. The university ensured that students and parents gained a comprehensive understanding of the university’s values and the support systems available to help them thrive. 

Students will also see physical upgrades and enhancements to several buildings including student dining services and academic buildings that will feature new technology and other amenities. Over the summer, the student cafeteria received a major makeover, while academic buildings had upgrades ranging redesigned from lecture rooms, new roofs, to new seating for the Forum and Poag auditorium.

Vice President for Student Affairs, Frank Stevenson, highlights the university’s commitment to student success, stating, “TSU is focused on fostering a supportive and inclusive campus environment that promotes holistic development. We are dedicated to offering a transformative educational experience that empowers our students to become leaders in their communities and beyond.” 

Classes for the new academic year will begin August 21, with TSU faculty and staff eagerly preparing to provide engaging and meaningful learning experiences. 

For more information on the new year, please see the TSU academic calendar at www.tnstate.edu/academic_programs/academic_calendar.aspx