TSU Faculty and Staff Return for New Semester, to Build Upon Successes

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – Tennessee State University
President Glenda Glover applauded employees for their contributions to the success TSU achieved as the university hit major milestones in 2021, challenging faculty and staff to take the university to even higher heights over the next five years.

The 2022 Faculty-Staff Institute brought out more than 150 attendees as Dr. Glover addressed the challenges of operating amid pandemic, stating that the university will continue to adhere to safety plans and protocols.

As she praised faculty and staff, she said the university has kept its faith since 1912. “You have handled our day-to-day operations and kept us going throughout this pandemic,” Glover said.

“You have redefined what it means to be a frontline worker. We begin this new academic year with our continuing goal of serving our students. We celebrate our commitment to our students.”

The 2022 Faculty-Staff Institute brought out more than 150 attendees. An annual event that highlighted short term goals, long term goals and a five-year strategic plan for the university. (Photo: Aaron Grayson.)

In pointing out TSU’s successes, the president discussed record enrollment of 2,500 first year students and the faculty attracting more than $65 million in sponsored research and external funding during the 2021-22 fiscal year.

Glover also cited $250,000,000 being appropriated in state funding for TSUs infrastructure, and a recent 6% salary raise for TSU faculty and staff.

Glover mentioned another important short-term goal of getting approval this year for another residence hall that will hold 1,000 beds for
students. During the event, Glover also highlighted long term goals, a five-year strategic plan for the university. It includes achieving an R1 research status (currently R2); 10 to 15 new doctoral programs on-site and on-line; doubling research funding to $150 million; attracting global talents for chair professor positions, boosting the endowment
to $200 million and $75 million in reserves; development of the downtown campus, increasing overall enrollment to 10,000; and become the number one Center for SMART Technology internationally.

During the presentation Dr. Artenzia Young-Seigler, chair of the faculty
senate, said it is going take teamwork to overcome university internal and external challenges. “The challenges we face this semester will change this university forever,” Young-Seigler said.

Interim Vice President of Academic affairs Dr. Robbie Melton and staff senate chair Reginald Cannon speaks at the 2022 Faculty-Staff Institute. Cannon said he looks forward to advocating for new students as TSU faculty will continue to succeed and advance the university. (Photo Aaron Grayson)

“Remember, our best is in front of us. And every challenge presents an opportunity for exceptional and miraculous possibilities.”

She assured faculty and staff that the university will face challenges with fortitude, not fear.

Staff senate chair Reginald Cannon, couldn’t agree more. “My focus is to make sure that we are in place to be able to support those who need us,” Cannon said. “We have had a lot of discussion about the mental and physical well-being when coming back to the university,” he said referring to the pandemic.

Cannon said he looks forward to advocating for the new students as faculty will continue to find a way to succeed and advance the university.

“We welcome the challenge of taking care of this new generation of students.”