TSU Aristocrat of Bands makes successful, historic debut at CMA Fest

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – Tennessee State University’s Grammy-award-winning Aristocrat of Bands continues to go where no other band has gone! This time, it was the 2023 Country Music Association Fest (CMA) in downtown Nashville, serving as the opening act. Early morning concertgoers rocked to the soulful sounds of AOB and watched the Sophisticated Ladies, creating an unforgettable HBCU band experience. Thursday marked another successful and historic performance as the TSU band became the first collegiate band to perform at the four-day music festival.

AOB members before hitting the stage at the 2023 Country Music Association Fest (CMA), in downtown Nashville as the opening act.

“This is important because people don’t usually associate country music with HBCU bands, said Hailey Russell, a Nashville native who is a piccolo section leader for AOB. “So, us performing today felt like bridging a gap and letting us celebrate music all around.”

Russell said the best part of the overall experience was kicking off the CMA Fest Hall of Fame Ceremony with a performance on the John Seigenthaler pedestrian bridge. “Playing on the pedestrian bridge with everyone who walked past being able to enjoy our music even if they weren’t there for the CMA Fest was my favorite part.”

AOB member Jayden Stitchcomb walks up the steps with his instrument, ready to debut at the CMA Fest.

TSU graduate student Jibril Lee, who plays the trumpet, said he was very excited about the outcome of the crowd and their performance. “It was a different stage, a different environment and it was amazing,” Lee said. “I’m feeling pretty excited about the future of AOB performances of this magnitude, like the CMA Fest.”

The massive crowd, at the Riverfront Stage, also roared with applause as the band accompanied local 8th grade student Ariah McEwen, who sang the National Anthem.

AOB and the Sophisticated Ladies rocked the crowd with an unforgettable HBCU band experience.

Assistant band director Larry Jenkins said the performance represented everything AOB and the university stands for. “This was an amazing performance,” Jenkins said. “I am glad we were able to represent the university on this stage and that the crowd got to experience the culture as we know it.”

While AOB’s director Dr. Reginald McDonald said he is grateful that the students took time out of their summer to be a part of CMA Fest memories. “For them to give up two weeks of their summer to be here for TSU, is truly amazing,” McDonald said.

“I am feeling extremely proud right now. This is the opportunity for people to see the excellence of TSU.”

To watch AOB’s debut at CMA Fest, visit TSU’s YouTube.

AOB accompanied IT Crestwell Middle School student Ariah McEwen, who sang the National Anthem on the Riverfront Stage at CMA Fest.

Next week AOB members will help celebrate the nation’s first official observance of Juneteenth with President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden at the White House on June 13.

AOB is also hosting their 10th Annual Edward L. Graves High School Summer Band Camp from June 11-17, marking this year as the largest High School Band Camp ever with 267 kids registered from across the country.