TSU announces new student government association leadership for 2023-24 academic school year

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) –  Tennessee State University Student Government Association has a new group of officers for the 2023-2024 academic year, many of which are familiar faces within the student delegation. The new student leadership, including a Mister TSU and a Miss TSU, was announced Friday during Tiger Fest, an annual event followed by student election commission week.

Student election commission winners during the 2023 Tiger Fest. (Photo by Aaron Grayson)

Derrell Taylor, a junior from Memphis studying business administration with a concentration in management, was elected as the 83rd SGA president. Chrishonda O’Quinn, a junior from Chicago, Illinois, studying business administration with a minor in mathematics, was elected as SGA vice president. Victoria McCrae, a rising senior from Memphis studying biology pre-med, was crowned as the 94th Miss TSU. Davin Latiker, a junior from Chicago studying mass communications, was elected as the new Mister TSU and will accompany McCrae.

O’Quinn, McCrae, and Taylor were all members of the junior delegation. Taylor, who previously served as the junior class president, said he is elated to serve as the next SGA president. “I am praising God and I am very grateful for this opportunity,” he said. “TSU, the mission begins now.”

Former Mister and Miss TSU welcomes the newly elected royaltys. From left to right; Tre’Veon Hayes, Mr. TSU Davin Latiker, Miss TSU Victoria McCrae and Sa’Mariah Harding. (Photo by Aaron Grayson)

Cristal Powell-Roach, assistant dean of student activities and leadership, said she looks forward to working with the dynamic newly elected leaders while the students embrace new opportunities for growth and development. “We have a great team,” Powell-Roach said. “I am very excited about our winners.”

O’Quinn said her biggest passions are representation and leadership. “I am eager to be a voice for the voiceless, to be a selfless, passionate, and strategic leader,” O’Quinn said. “And to work alongside not only SGA and administration but the student body to build our institution.”

McCrae, who previously served as Miss junior, said she had dreams of becoming Miss TSU one day. “I knew I wanted to be a queen since I got here freshman year,” she said. “I worked hard, and it has come to fruition. I am so blessed and thankful.”

While Mister TSU, Latiker said he is grateful for the opportunity as well. “It is great to enter this legacy and have the opportunity to expand my network, give back to my school, and serve the students.”

O’Quinn said she is confident that the student leaders will take proactive steps towards achieving their desired goals on campus with a positive narrative.