TSU Alumni provide Scholarships for engineering students

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – Former Tennessee State University graduates are paying it forward for the next generation of engineers. The TSU Engineering Alumni Association (TSUEAA) has awarded academic scholarships to 12 talented undergraduate and graduate students. The College of Engineering Alumni Scholarship Endowment (ASE) is twofold, the investment not only relieves a financial burden, but also ensures that current students achieve their overall goal of graduating.

Warona Mdlulwa, who is a junior studying engineering, said she is grateful to be an ASE recipient. “Receiving the TSU Engineering Alumni Association Scholarship has not only lightened my financial burden but has also provided me with renewed motivation and confidence to pursue my academic and career goals, ” Mdlulwa said. “This recognition serves as a testament to my hard work and dedication, and it reassures me that my efforts have not gone unnoticed.”

The TSUEAA President, Sherrill Toran, said the selected applicants were granted a range of $1,000 – $3,000.

“The scholarship is essential for our students because it helps them understand that there is a financial barrier, but there is support for them,” Toran said. “It’s important for them to continue their educational endeavors and move on to their global careers.”

Kamren James, a senior who is also a scholarship recipient, said he is honored and that this scholarship opportunity will allow him to focus on his studies even more. “This scholarship will go a long way in helping me to achieve my academic and career goals,” James said. “It will allow me to focus on my studies and reduce the financial burden.”

Toran noted that the students had to submit essays regarding their engineering aspirations and community efforts as part of the selection process.

The association is set to have a scholarship recipient reception in the fall. Toran told the university that the organization will also have a professional development seminar showcasing how to apply for scholarships, requirements with proper documentation, and expectations. The TSUEAA is continuously raising additional funds for the next cycle of academic scholarships. The new applications portal for Fall 2023 opens on July 1 to align with getting funds in accounts prior to the academic semester beginning.

“People come here to get an education,” Toran said. “And we want to continue to invest in our students.”

If you are interested in the academic scholarship, email Toran at [email protected]. If you’d like to donate to the ASE campaign, click here. For more information about the College of engineering visit www.tnstate.edu/engineering/

The College of Engineering Alumni Scholarship Endowment recipients: 

Christopher Buford II, first year graduate student; Jose Portillo, First year graduate student; Kayla Wallace, Graduating senior – Dec. 2023; Anthony Wheeler, Graduating senior – Dec. 2023; Michael Stevens, Graduating senior – Dec. 2023; Zackee Dosky, Senior; Kamren James, Senior; Lakeesa Gilyard, Senior; Kasi Cost Junior; Warona Mdlulwa, Junior; Tamuari Murray, Junior; Marvellous Eromosele, Sophomore.