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TSU holds largest freshman convocation in university history with class of 2026 

 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Sept. 13, 2022) – Tennessee State University officially welcomed its largest class ever of first-year students during the Fall 2022 Freshman Convocation held on Sept. 16. More than 3,500 new students poured into the Gentry Center complex in all-white attire and were formally introduced by TSU faculty and staff as official TSU tigers.

The annual assembly for freshmen marks the beginning of their academic journey at the University and their transformation as college students.  

TSU President Glenda Glover welcomes class of 2026 at the university’s largest class ever of first-year students during the Fall 2022 Freshman Convocation. (Photo by: Aaron Grayson)

TSU President Glenda Glover welcomed the students to the university with words of encouragement. 

“As young college students, you are heading in the right direction,” Glover said. “Keep on being excellent. Keep shinning and be strong … strong enough to know your purpose of why you are here.” 

A very talented freshman, Autumn Parker, blew everyone away with her rendition of Hero by Mariah Carey. The political science major from Michigan says the experience was one to remember because she had never performed in front of such a large crowd. Parker adds she has been singing her entire life but sharing her vocals to thousands was a first. 

“I was very excited to be able to share my God-given gift with my class,” Parker said. “It also brought me a sense of comfort to be surrounded by people who look like me. I was able to see Black excellence personified, which was incredible.”

More than 3,500 new students poured into the Gentry Center complex in all-white attire and were formally introduced by TSU faculty and staff as official TSU tigers. (Phot by: Aaron Grayson)

During the convocation the students pledged to commit themselves “to serious intellectual and cultural efforts,” and to conduct themselves “with honor and dignity to become better prepared to live a full and useful life in society.” 

TSU freshman Tyler Cole, a mass communications major whose parents are TSU alumni, said during the event he reflected on his parents undergraduate journey at TSU, which made his experience at the convocation even more special.

“It made me think about what my parents went through here and how successful they turned out,” Cole said. “And seeing all my classmates together gave me hope … it felt natural to be there.”

TSU freshman Autumn Parker blew everyone away with her rendition of Hero by Mariah Carey during the Fall 2022 Freshman Convocation. (Photo by: Aaron Grayson)

Terrence Izzard, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success said the convocation is an annual opening assembly that marks the beginning of the academic journey of the record-breaking, first-time freshmen. It is the official start of the transformation and growth that will transpire within the lives of our newest TSU Tigers.

“The University is pleased to welcome over 3,500 new first-year students,” Izzard said. “It remains committed to providing holistic care and support to ensure that each student has access to resources and services that will help them succeed both academically and personally.”

TSU’s history making class of first-year college students outnumbers the total African-American population at some institutions. The freshmen class average GPA is 3.38. While the largest population of incoming students are from Tennessee, and neighboring states like Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky and Ohio, there is huge a surge of students from as far as California, Texas, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

STEAM majors in agricultural sciences, engineering and health sciences, along with business, and education continue to be the most popular among the new freshman class. 

TSU a family affair for triplets as incoming freshmen 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (TSU News Service) – It may be a little overwhelming to walk a 500-arce university campus as an incoming freshmen, especially when you are hours away from home. But luckily, the Howell triplets will have each other to lean on as they embark on a new journey this fall at TSU. 

The Howell triplets – Mya, Walter Jr., and James of Louisville, Kentucky, had several acceptance letters from schools across the country. But when the trio toured the TSU campus last summer, they knew they were right at home. 

“Automatically when we walked on campus it felt like home,” James said. “I fell in love with it and thought it was a great school.” 

The Howell triplets are attending the university on scholarship and spent the first hours on campus for TSU’s traditional Freshmen Move-In.  

The Howell triplets moved into their dorms Tuesday morning and are excited for their new journey at TSU. Photo by Aaron Grayson.

Mya, who is the oldest by a minute, is majoring in exercise science to become a physical therapist. While her brothers are engineering majors. Walter said he knew it was the right decision when he researched the college of engineering program, noting that he wanted to attend an HBCU. Despite a few of their acceptance letters being at different colleges, they didn’t think twice about going their separate ways. “It felt natural to stay together,” Mya said. 

While they are a little nervous to leave home, they know their parents are a phone call away. 

For Walter Sr., and Ethel Howell, shipping the triplets off to college is more than bittersweet. 

“There will be a huge void with them not being around daily.” The parents said. “My prayer is that TSU embraces them just as we have. By giving them the guidance and structure just as if they were living at home. We are extremely proud of all their accomplishments.” 

The Howell family during freshmen move in day. Photo by Aaron Grayson.

Academically, Walter Sr. said the triplets have been preparing for this very moment. “They have all of the tools they need in this life to be productive and successful young adults,” he said. 

“We have no doubt that our faith and their determination will take them to higher heights.” 

The Office of First Year Students will also help the trio adjust to college life. Staff members work closely with new students to ensure their success through academic advisement and campus services. The Howell triplets are a part of the record setting freshmen class that have registered for the fall. TSU is expecting over 2,000 first year students to begin the academic school year.

The University has delayed the beginning of classes to accommodate the large freshmen move-in. TSU is now accepting applications for fall 2023. For more information, visit https://www.tnstate.edu/apply/  

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